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Telltale Signs of Source Contamination (Dust & Debris) in Your Air Ducts and Air Conditioning / Heating System:

  • Visible dust and debris collection on cold air return intake louvers, and internal surfaces of the ductwork.

  • Inside of equipment cabinet and blower fan loaded with dirt. (A buildup of dirt on fan blades can reduce air flow by 30%.)

  • Lint and dust accumulation on air conditioning / heat pump coils. (May restrict airflow enough to cause mechanical breakdown such as compressor burnout.)

  • Dirt on ceiling adjacent to diffusers or floor registers, and duct boots contaminated with large amounts of debris.

Air Duct Cleaning and Heating/Cooling System Cleaning Will
Save You Money and Provide You with a Healthier Environment!
We Also Specialize in: 

• Air Filtration • Humidification • Systems Modification • Air Quality Diagonosis
• Testing & Monitoring Energy Recovery Ventilation • Practical Solutions 
• Premium Heating / AC Systems Designed and Installed (New & Retrofit)
• Decontamination & Restorations for Fire / Water/ Rodent Damage

Indoor Air Quality Specialist

Providing Air Duct Cleaning and Air Quality Services

for a healthy indoor environment in your home or office !